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MOVE’s Whole Body Cryotherapy; A local wellness treatment

At MOVE Human Performance Center, we are proud to offer Whole Body Cryotherapy through our state-of-the-art MecoTec Cryo One chamber. Discover how this advanced technology can significantly enhance your recovery process, reduce pain, and improve overall wellness.


What is Cryotherapy?

Whole Body Cryotherapy (WBC) is an innovative wellness practice that exposes your body to extremely cold temperatures for a short period. This exposure triggers a powerful physiological response, catalyzing numerous health benefits. The MecoTec Cryo One chamber, used at MOVE, operates safely and efficiently without the use of nitrogen, making it a leading choice for cryotherapy treatments.

Key Benefits of Cryotherapy

The benefits of undergoing cryotherapy at MOVE are manifold:

  • Enhanced Recovery: Accelerates recovery from sports injuries and intense physical activities.
  • Reduced Inflammation and Pain: Acts effectively against chronic pain and inflammation, making it ideal for individuals with arthritis or muscle soreness.
  • Boosted Metabolism: Aids in increasing the basal metabolic rate, which can assist in weight management.
  • Improved Mood and Energy Levels: Stimulates the release of endorphins, enhancing mood and boosting overall energy.
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Unlock Unlimited Potential with Our Monthly Membership

At MOVE Human Performance Center, we understand that consistent treatment is key to achieving significant health benefits. That’s why we offer an exclusive monthly membership for just $99. This unbeatable deal provides unlimited access to our Whole Body Cryotherapy sessions throughout the month. Whether you’re training for a marathon, recovering from an injury, or simply dedicated to improving your overall health, our unlimited cryotherapy membership is designed to support your wellness journey without breaking the bank.

Why Subscribe to Unlimited Cryotherapy?

  • Consistent Treatment: Regular sessions can maximize the therapeutic effects of cryotherapy, including enhanced recovery and prolonged pain relief.
  • Cost-Effective: For less than the price of daily coffee, gain unlimited access to a service that elevates your health and vitality.
  • Flexibility: Visit our state-of-the-art MecoTec Cryo One chamber as often as you need, fitting easily into your busy schedule.

Understanding the Process

During a session in the MecoTec Cryo One chamber, you will experience temperatures that shock the nervous system, providing a multitude of health benefits. Sessions typically last between three to five minutes and are conducted under strict professional supervision to ensure safety and comfort.

Safety and Precautions

Safety is paramount at MOVE. While cryotherapy offers extensive benefits, it’s important to be aware of contraindications. Our expert staff are trained to guide you through these precautions, ensuring your cryotherapy session is both safe and beneficial.

Why Choose MOVE?

At MOVE, you receive more than just a treatment; you experience the utmost care in a facility that prioritizes your comfort and safety.

Move Human Performance and Physical Therapy’s innovative approach, combining myelination and brain function optimization, represents a holistic method in sports performance and rehabilitation. By applying these principles, we’re not only aiding recovery but also pushing athletic abilities to new heights.

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