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Lee Smith

I love everything about MOVE. My son came in the summertime to get acclimated to being in AZ for the upcoming fall. I knew after a few workouts with Chad he was in good hands. He came off the spring/summer battling an ankle issue. I discussed this with the staff and they assured me they would address any deficiencies. By the time the preseason rolled around his entire body and movements were off the charts for AZ Compass’s Pro Day. It even had new schools chomping at the bit to recruit him. This was all a testament to his focus, drive, dedication and work ethic but also MOVE Sports Performance direction and attention to detail. He went the entire year without any major injuries and no games missed! Something that is very hard to do with the amount of wear and tear these kids go through! A good friend of mine says it takes a village and he was right. I’m so blessed that this village had hand in my kids journey. I don’t just view them as a performance gym, I view them as family.
I appreciate the time you invested in preparing him for his sport but more importantly preparing him for life in general. Hopefully all of his teammates will take the knowledge and flourish but I know two who will definitely use it and be successful. I'm looking forward to the future as there are many chapters left to be written for us with you guys. I have the pleasure of sending my kids, my teams, and clients to MOVE. I know that they will be challenged and motivated to be disciplined and better for themselves. Mind Over Virtually Everything!

Coach Jaamal

Quite simply put, “MOVE is INCREDIBLE!!” From the rehab work, to the training, to the recovery and most importantly THE PEOPLE; MOVE is the place for anyone who wants to pushed in their purpose…. Over the last 2 years, I’ve witnessed a young lady who was told she would never walk again walk, I’ve seen stroke victims regain control of their MOVEMENT, I’ve see many athletes come back from serious injuries better than ever, I’ve even witnessed a young man run 31 miles and I’ve seen a staff of people who support them through it all. I have the pleasure of sending my kids, my teams, and clients to MOVE. I know that they will be challenged and motivated to be disciplined and better for themselves. Mind Over Virtually Everything!

Jamaal Scott - Texas Tech men’s basketball program’s Academic Advisor

Jamaal Scott - Texas Tech men’s basketball program’s Academic Advisor

I’ve had the pleasure of working with and being around Chad Dunn as a high school athlete. The strategies and skills put in to practice have afforded me the opportunity to play Division I basketball, and have stayed with me to this day. Chad is a someone who doesn’t just talk about it he LIVES it! The energy and enthusiasm he attacks every session with, every day with, is contagious. It’s only right that he name his facility MOVE. MOVE is the perfect fit for cutting edge training based on practical application and performance driven results. From pros to youth, I’ve seen all types benefit from the training that Chad offers. It is an environment where everyone is an athlete. MOVE people!

Caris Move Athlete

Fred Sanchez - Parent of MOVE Athlete Caris

We also learned that gymnastics would not be enough so along with starting school at 615 AM, gymnastics practice almost every day, she also had to learn how to lift weights and cross train. We could not have been more blessed than being introduced to Chad and Jackie Dunn at MOVE Human Performance Center. Their team knows how to motivate and get the absolute very best results out of their athletes. Caris will will be attending King University in Bristol Tennessee and is a member of their Acrobatics and Tumbling team.

Kamryn Doty Cryotherapy

Kamryn Doty

Ever since my ACL reconstruction surgery, every morning I wake up with stiffness and pain behind my knee. With PT three times per week and shooting almost every day, my knee takes on lots of soreness. After doing Cryo once, I woke up with ZERO pain or stiffness. I felt as good as I felt before I was injured. I didn’t think Cryo would make that big of a difference but it did!! Would definitely recommend for anybody who wants to feel rejuvenated after workouts.

Evie Tanella Physical Therapy

Evie Tanella

When I started at Move, I had a back injury that I just couldn’t shake. Playing lacrosse at a high level requires shooting a lot and shooting hard, but I couldn’t do either with my back the way it was. Leading up to the most important summer of my life as far as college recruiting, I needed to get it fixed fast. I learned a great deal about biomechanics and how I was hurting my body from Chad, and we made the adjustments to keep me from I hurting myself further. I also spoke with Jackie and we added Cryo two days a week. After only four sessions my back pain was completely gone! Not only did my back feel better, but my knees and wrist were relieved of the small discomforts that I had learned to live with. I was really blown away. I was prepared to deal with “nagging back pain” for the remainder of the summer because I couldn’t risk taking time off totally to heal. Cryo saved me! It will remain a part of my weekly regimen and training for as long as I compete. Thank you Jackie, Chad and the whole crew at Move! I only wish I found you earlier.

Johnny Johnson Oregon Wide Receive MOVE PERFORMANCE

Johnny Johnson Oregon Wide Receiver

Thank you! You guys have been a huge help in my offseason work during these crazy times. This is the healthiest my body has felt in years! I feel more strong, fast, flexible, and more durable than ever. Wish I could have found you guys sooner but I will be in touch with y’all for the rest of my career! Thank you!!!

Walker-Son Testimonal

Samaki Walker-Retired NBA Player 2002 World Champion with the LA Lakers

I greatly appreciate it. As you know, it takes a village. It's definitely been a journey, and I'm proud of him for embracing the adversity and navigating through it. I appreciate the times you put into those kids, helping them understand the importance of functional training, and taking care of the body. I know my son has benefited tremendously, as this is his first healthy season. He found his identity this season, and I'm looking forward to the future as he's scratching the surface.

Phil Grigg

I went through a life altering accident about five years ago when I answered my military duties of saving a fellow police officer from an armed robbery. This accident left me with numerous health issues including sever neuropathy in my feet. Throughout the last five years I’ve tried many medications to alleviate and bring sensation back into my feet to no avail. These past couple of months I have been receiving dry needing treatment from PhD. Crystal Masnec, the physical therapist at Move. The results of this dry needling treatment were instantaneous! I began to see the healing effect right of the bat from the first treatment I received from her. I can almost walk with my bear feet again. Along with Crystal’s expertise, I owe a great part of my physical recovery from the accident to Chad and Jackie Dunn. These amazing people were with me every step of the way as I regained my strength. There are no words that can express the great respect and gratitude I have for you guys. Thank you.