Move Human performance Center and Physical Therapy

What we do at Move

The services provided at MOVE offer a local and unique approach to physical therapy, recovery solutions, personal training, post-rehab training, and sports performance training.

At Move Human Performance Center and Physical Therapy, our team of physical therapists will first seek to understand what your needs are and then tailor a treatment plan specific to your needs. Focusing on functional movement and using recovery methods such as cupping, dry needling, STEM therapy MOVE Physical Therapy has you covered.

At Move Human Performance Center & Physical Therapy, we offer a local recovery solution through the use of Cryotherapy.
MOVE uses whole-body and targeted Cryo to help reduce pain, improve soft tissue healing, increase endurance, and improve range of motion.

At MOVE our sports performance training improves functional movement to support will help athletes at all levels improve by focusing on fundamental sport specific movements that will develop athleticism, increase speed, strength, reduce injuries, and increase stamina.

MOVE’s Personal Training Classes are designed for all levels of fitness. It doesn’t matter if you are a weekend warrior or a fit mom; our programs will lead you to be the best you can be. Stay Moving!!

At Move Human Performance Center & Physical Therapy, we offer a local recovery solution through the use of Normatec Compression Therapy.
Recover from that marathon or hike with Move!

Our experience working in physical therapy and rehabilitation brings a unique skill set to our approach. We work with clients coming back from injuries by designing a detailed exercise protocol that allows them to gain strength, confidence, and the mindset to heal up.

About MOVE

In 2017 Chad and Jackie Dunn set a goal to establish a training and physical therapy center in the east valley where everyone from the injured to the abled can reach their physical performance goals and make new goals. Since then, Move has grown to be one of Arizona's premier training and physical therapy establishments.

Move Human Performance Center and Physical Therapy will help you train better and recover faster! We want to get you back into the game or life no matter your goals we will help you get there!