Move Human performance Center and Physical Therapy

Pay For your Training Sessions

Single Session

$ 60 Per Session

Ten Pre Paid Sessions

$ 500 Pre Paid Sessions

Twenty Pre Paid Sessions

$ 800 Pre Paid Sessions
Move Human Performance Center and Physical Therapy


We work with athletes to develop healthy training habits that will help prevent injury and improve in-game performance. We do this by promoting group training sessions exposing athletes to healthy competition allowing everyone to develop game-winning behaviors.

Sports performance training

Improved Strength and Condition

We will help you develop functional strength by focusing on basic movements that are designed to help improve strength and prevent injuries.

Injury Prevention

In addition to improving your game day performance our program is tailored to your specific needs. While our physical therapist is on hand to help you with injuries. Our sports performance training programs will help prevent serious injuries from occurring.

Sports Training

Agility and Speed

Athletes needs to be quick on their feet and even quicker to react. Agility training from our Move sports trainers will help athletes at any level of fitness and experience develop a quicker first step and improved reactions.

Develop Your Speed & Strength at Move

Build Confidence in our sports training classes

Our programs focus on developing youth athletes by introducing them to an Elite Sports Performance training program so they can perform on game day. However, at Move it is a mindset MIND Over Virtually Everything! Our classes will help you build the confidence to achieve your goals.