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What sets MOVE Physical Therapy and Human Performance Center apart from other physical therapy clinics?

Here at MOVE we want our clients to enjoy the “grind” of reaching their goals our physical therapists and trainers bring the energy, passion, and drive everyday! At MOVE we expect the same from you no matter your age, gender or physical limitation.

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Why Choose MOVE as your PT Clinic?

Our physical therapists and trainers are passionate about helping others


Here at MOVE we strive to treat all of our clients like family we celebrate their successes, share in their struggles, and push our clients to reach their goals.

Our professionally trained physical therapists are committed to improving our clients quality of life.

MOVE Human Performance Center and Physical Therapy is family owned and operated #supportlocal


Move’s founder Chad Dunn is passionate about teaching young athletes how to properly train their mind and body. Chad’s passion and energy is contagious!


Here at MOVE we are committed to making sure that your goals are met.


You are more than a number or just another client to our trainers and physical therapists. To everyone at MOVE you are family and we will treat you as such!


PT Services at MOVE


Dry needling

Dry needling is a specialized technique where a trained professional inserts thin filiform needles deep into the skin to stimulate trigger points in muscles to relieve pain. The needles contain no liquid and are not laced with any drugs.

Cupping therapy move

Cupping Therapy

Cupping therapy involves using suction on the skin to decompress and relieve tension in muscles and connective tissue. This intense suction technique often leaves the skin with some mild bruising as it works to increase your overall blood flow and circulation.

acl recovery therapy

Sports Injury Recovery

Everyone knows that when joining a sport that injuries come with the territory. Around 2.9 million sports injuries are reported a year, That’s around one-third of all injuries.