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Jaylen's MOVE Story

Here at MOVE Physical Therapy we are more than just your average local physical therapist. At MOVE we believe that you first must heal the mind then the body. The following is a narrative about how MOVE helps individuals young and old heal.

jaylen-Move Physical Therapy


Hi my name is Jaylen Wollangk i am 14 years old and i’m going to be telling you about my comeback story.On July 6th i was in an ATV accident that occurred in my neighborhood. I suffered hand and foot trauma and was entered into the ER immediately. I went into surgery the next day and spent a total of two days in the hospital.
Finally I got to come home and was put in a wheelchair for the next 6-7 weeks. While in the wheelchair i felt useless like i could do nothing anymore and i was like this for a little bit. I would have my days where I would just stay in bed the whole day because I was mad at myself but also sad for what had happened. My biggest fear was about how now I was going to be different. I quickly learned that it’s okay to be different and that all people are different in their own way and this was my way.Now exactly 44 days after my accident I started my physical therapy and boy how things started to change.
I can’t tell you guys how amazed I was at the things I was doing in the first week.Within the first week Chad and Jackie had me walking for the first time since my accident and made me believe in myself more than ever. They have pushed me everyday since and are striving to get me back to my sports that I love. After physical therapy my emotions started to come back up and I started smiling a lot more. My comeback is not done yet but we are taking it one day at a time. I am more motivated than ever. I’ve always wanted to be the best but now that I have been given a second chance, I know that I can’t waste this one. I know that with the Move Team behind me I will be back in no time. Forever grateful for the team at MOVE and will always be members of my family!!!!!!!!
We are proud of your Jaylen keep moving!