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2021 AT MOVE

During 2021 our facility doubled in size, we welcomed more members to Team Move, and were able to add whole-body cryotherapy, localized cryotherapy, and Normatec Compression Therapy to our list of recovery options available at Move.

Even though we have grown, our culture, focus, and goals remain the same. That is a culture of helping everyone, from the injured to the abled, reach their goals. We are grateful for the growth this past year has provided, and we are excited for another year in being the best physical therapy clinic in the east valley.
Personal Training at Move
Mental Health Performance for High School Athletes


Cryotherapy at Move

In June of this year, the installation of our MECOTEC cryotherapy chamber was complete! Cryotherapy aids in recovery, can help manage migraines and can boost metabolism. We are proud to offer whole body and targeted cryotherapy here at MOVE.

Move is the Comeback Center! Moving with Krysten Muir

In January of this year Krysten was in a car accident that caused partial paralysis and there was a chance that Krysten would never be able to walk again. Through hard work Krysten has been able to surpass the expectations of doctors and medical professionals! She is a miracle and an inspiration to everyone at MOVE!
A champion is someone who gets up even when she can’t!

Focusing on Mental Health at MOVE

During 2021 Chad and Jackie made it a goal to focus on the mental health aspect of recovery and sports performance. When you train or recover at MOVE, we will help you build your body and help you build your mind! Here at MOVE Human Performance Center it all starts with your MINDSET!
Go follow MINDOVERVIRUTALLYOVEREVERYTHING on Instagram and get motivated for the day!

The Team & Facility Expansion

The Facility: Move was going through a few changes during the first half of the year! We doubled the amount of turf and increased the number of free weights available for personal training.
Team Move: We were grateful to welcome Brandon and Makenzie to Team Move! Brandon is a staff physical therapist at Move Performance and Makenzie is our front desk manager! We are grateful for their hard work in 2021 and look forward to a great 2022!

2021 was a year of remarkable growth for Move Human Performance Center and Physical Therapy

As everyone at MOVE reflects on 2021 we are grateful for all of our clients, athletes and teams who trust us to help them recover from an injury, train or recover from a sport, get back in shape, and even learn how to walk again! Our clients make us the best training center and physical therapy clinic in the east valley!

Move Human Performance Center and Physical Therapy