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Speed & Strength at Move Human Performance Center

Our sports performance training focus on fundamental movements that will develop athleticism and increase speed & strength.
Move Human Performance Center is located in the heart of the east valley on Elliot Road and east of Country Club.
Our facility features spaces focusing on functional movements, speed and agility training, flexibility, mobility, age-appropriate strength development, and sports performance training.

Speed & Strength at Move

With 20 years of experience in the sports field, our goal at Move is to improve your athletic performance through functional movement training and competition. Our Sports Performance Training focus on speed, strength, conditioning, and injury prevention.

Develop Your Speed & Strength at Move
Develop Your Speed & Strength at Move

Athletic Development

Move training sessions are comprehensive and are intended to develop a well-rounded, confident athlete

  • Activation & Movement Prep
  • Dynamic Warm-up
  • Speed & Agility
  • Strength & Power
  • Mobility & Injury Prevention

Speed & Agility... What is it?

Moving the body in one direction as fast as possible coupled with the ability to accelerate, decelerate, stabilize, and quickly change direction with proper posture.

Why is speed & agility Important?

Athletes experience fewer injuries, more success, and more confidence in their chosen field of play when they work to improve their speed and Agility. They’ll react faster, move more fluidly, and make more plays.

How do we train speed & agility?

Proper running mechanics and posture while incorporating a dedicated focus on linear speed, lateral speed, footwork, change of direction, jumping, and landing.

Develop Your Speed & Strength
Develop Your Speed & Strength at Move

Strength & Conditioning

Speed without power is nothing. At Move, we focus on developing an athlete’s speed and power.

Engaging in activities to improve performance by applying our time-tested sports training principles of overload, reversibility, progression, individualization, periodization, and specificity.

Why is Strength & Conditioning important?

To achieve their full potential, aspiring Athletes must understand proper posture, balance their movement patterns, build supporting and stabilizing muscle groups, improve mobility, and enhance their coordination. Understanding functional movement reduces catastrophic injuries that can affect an athlete’s future.

Injury Prevention

The outcome of the collective training activities consistently performed by an athlete is to help them avoid significant or season-ending injuries.

If you are hurt you can't play...

Athletes want to perform at their best and never want to miss out on games or competitions due to injury. Well-rounded Athletes who train their body and movement patterns will be better prepared, more resilient, and able to thrive throughout the demands of a season, postseason, and beyond.

What we provide

Move Human Performance Center provides a comprehensive and well-rounded program to develop speed, Agility, strength, body awareness, movement mechanics, and posture.

Sports Training
Coaches at Move

Our Coaches

The coaches at Move have a passion for developing athletes, and motivating them to reach their goals is the focus of our coaches.
The staff at Move brings a diverse background of undergraduate and advanced degrees, coaching and training certifications, and playing and coaching experiences.
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All the coaches, physical therapists, and staff at Move are committed to providing a structured, safe, and highly productive training environment that’s positive, high-energy, and fun!