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Understanding MOVE’s Advanced Athletic Testing System

MOVE is a state-of-the-art facility dedicated to athletic testing and training. This video provides insights into MOVE’s sophisticated testing system, addressing frequently asked questions and highlighting the importance of quantitative data in assessing athletic performance.


Detailed Overview of the Testing System

At the heart of MOVE’s approach is the use of advanced technological tools, including force plates, virtue testing systems, and dynamo strength testing systems. These tools enable precise measurement of an athlete’s performance, emphasizing the significance of body movement, rhythm, and balance for accurate results.

Progress Tracking and Competitive Analysis

MOVE’s system offers a comprehensive tracking feature that records an athlete’s progress over time. It allows for performance comparison not only with one’s past results but also with other athletes. This longitudinal data tracking, spanning from October 2022 to 2024, offers a unique perspective on individual growth and comparative performance.

Athlete Improvement Through System Familiarity

The video discusses the journey of hardworking athletes who initially score low due to unfamiliarity with the testing system. It highlights how, with time and understanding of the system’s rhythm and flow, athletes show remarkable improvement in both their test scores and on-field performance.

Complementary Training Classes

To aid athletes in enhancing their physical abilities, MOVE offers sports performance classes every Saturday. These sessions focus on coordination, rhythm, balance, footwork, and agility, directly contributing to improved performance in the testing.

Testing Duration and Additional Information

The testing process at MOVE typically takes about 45 minutes to an hour. The video provides contact details for those interested in exploring MOVE’s testing or seeking further information.


The philosophy at MOVE centers on self-improvement and mutual support within the community. The goal is to cultivate an environment where each individual’s progress contributes to the collective growth and success of the group.

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Here at MOVE you will learn how to compete in a sport, recover from a catastrophic injury, or just advance through life as we age, requires strength and movement. All members of the MOVE family are proud to improve their clients quality of life

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