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Train, Treat and Recover at Move Human Performance Center and Physical Therapy

Move Human Performance Center takes pride in being the best facility in the east valley at training individuals safely, treating injuries, and providing the best recovery solutions in the valley.

We are the best facility in the east valley to Train, Treat, and Recover at!

Train, Treat and Recover at Move Human Performance Center
Sports Performance at MOVE
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Move Human Performance Center, and Physical Therapy is the best facility in the east valley to Train, Treat, and Recover.

Here at Move, we want to help you develop habits that will help you train, treat your injuries, and recover! Contact us today to get started!

Our sports performance training and personal training programs are designed for all fitness levels.

Our personal training programs are tailored to meet the specific needs of the individual. It doesn’t matter if you are a weekend warrior, a fit mom, or someone wanting to get back into shape. Our personal training classes will help you reach your goals.

Athletic Development and Sports Performance Training

Our Sports Performance Training  give athletes of all levels entry-level access to an elite, goal-oriented, competition-based program. We work with athletes to develop healthy training habits that will help prevent injury and improve in-game performance. We do this by promoting group training sessions exposing athletes to healthy competition allowing everyone to develop game-winning behaviors.

Here at Move, we take great pride in helping everyone from the able to the disabled. We first seek to understand your needs and then develop a treatment plan specific to you and your goals.

We have helped our clients recover from spinal injuries ligament reconstruction (ACL, MCL, ETC.) Muscle Repair, Cartilage restoration/repair, back pain, joint pain, muscle pain, and chronic injuries. Some of the treatments we perform at MOVE are: Cupping, dry needling, STEM, soft tissue therapy, stretching, and more!

At Move, you are more than a number!

At Move, we can help you recover by taking advantage of our Whole-Body Cryotherapy Chamber, our targeted cryotherapy, and our Normatec Compression Sleeves. All of our recovery programs and options are designed to help you recover quickly and effectively!

Our Cryotherapy Chamber and targeted Cryotherapy uses freezing temperatures to help your recovery efforts. Cryotherapy will help you recover by reducing pain, improving soft tissue healing, and improving your range of motion.
Another recovery option available at MOVE is our Normatec Compression sleeves. These sleeves for your arms and legs promote recovery by using a squeeze and release method around a specific muscle group. This helps your body recover by reducing swelling, reducing secondary tissue damage, relieving muscle pain, and reducing lactic acid build-up.

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