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What is Cupping Therapy? 5 Things to Know Before You Do it

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You may have heard of cupping therapy and its many benefits for athletes and wondered what exactly is cupping? And does it actually work? This ancient Chinese practice dates back thousands of years and has been gaining popularity recently as some of the top athletes are using it for pain relief and recovery. If you’ve […]

First Time Cupping? Here’s What to Expect After Cupping Therapy Session

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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text delay=”0″] Cupping is a massage technique derived from ancient Chinese medicine. The practice is gaining popularity in America, though it’s been in use for thousands of years. Cupping treats pain, stress, allergies, muscle aches & inflammation, and is even supposed to help with colds and flu. If you’ve never experienced a cupping therapy session, […]

Up Your Game: How Sports Performance Training Will Push Your Limits

Sports Performance Training

Your desire is to become the best you can be in your sport, or to get in shape in general. And that’s a notable goal. However, if you’re like many athletes, you are beginning to realize that you have a long way to go becoming the best version of yourself physically. Unfortunately, a common misnomer […]

Youth Fitness 101: Why Hiring a Youth Sports Personal Trainer Pays Off

Sports Performance Training

Youth fitness is an important topic for schools and parents as childhood obesity continues to grow. Athletic programs more competitive than ever and people turn to sports personal trainers to bring their children to the next level. Is a personal sports trainer good for you or your school?