Group Fitness Classes


Group fitness classes are beneficial for individuals of all levels. There are many different benefits including social opportunities, motivational boosts, accountability support & of course, health benefits.

Up Your Game: How Sports Performance Training Will Push Your Limits

Sports Performance Training

Your desire is to become the best you can be in your sport, or to get in shape in general. And that’s a notable goal. However, if you’re like many athletes, you are beginning to realize that you have a long way to go becoming the best version of yourself physically. Unfortunately, a common misnomer […]

Youth Fitness 101: Why Hiring a Youth Sports Personal Trainer Pays Off

Sports Performance Training

Youth fitness is an important topic for schools and parents as childhood obesity continues to grow. Athletic programs more competitive than ever and people turn to sports personal trainers to bring their children to the next level. Is a personal sports trainer good for you or your school?

Joint Replacement: Why Rehabilitation Is So Important

If you are considering getting a joint replacement, whether it be a hip or knee, you might be focused on the surgery itself, but there is much more to be done to ensure a healthy and timely return to activity.  Your physician will recommend and even require physical therapy, which is vital for a positive recovery from your recent surgery.  Having a joint replaced is not to be taken lightly and preparation before, with a directional plan after, is important for a full return. If you have any questions, contact our certified and trained staff to find out how we can help get you MOVING!

The Benefits of a Personal Trainer When Beginning an Exercise Program

sports performance training in Chandler and Gilbert

There are many reasons that a beginner client should start their fitness journey with the help of a personal trainer. Most individuals will set some sort of fitness goal when beginning an exercise program, but will not know the most efficient way to reach that specific goal. Working with a personal trainer will help increase the likelihood of obtaining each unique individual’s fitness goals for all of the following reasons: