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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text delay=”0″]There are many reasons that a beginner client should start their fitness journey with the help of a personal trainer. Most individuals will set some sort of fitness goal when beginning an exercise program, but will not know the most efficient way to reach that specific goal. Working with a personal trainer will help increase the likelihood of obtaining each unique individual’s fitness goals for all of the following reasons:


Avoid injury: The quickest way to restrict yourself from reaching a fitness goal is to become injured. Working with unfamiliar equipment and no supervision often may lead to injury. Incorrect form and improper use of equipment are recipes for disaster. With the guidance and supervision of a qualified personal trainer, these situations will be avoided. Side by side instruction from a personal trainer reduces the risk of injury during any training session.


Accountability: When you have nobody else to keep you accountable, it is much easier to skip training and delay your progress on your fitness goals. Knowing that your trainer is waiting for you at the gym is enough motivation to get you to roll out of bed without hitting snooze over and over. It is much harder to let yourself down when you have a trainer to let down as well.


Education: Working with a personal trainer may help you view health and wellness with an entirely new perspective. Personal trainers are not only there to teach how an exercise should be done, but also to teach WHY it should be done. Educating their clients on why fitness is so important and the benefits of each and every exercise is a skill that all good personal trainers possess. This turns into knowledge for their clients and a changed outlook on the importance of working out.


Goal setting: We all want quick results in everything we do in life. However, it is the many small achievements that lead to success and the results we are pursuing. Setting an unrealistic fitness goal is setting yourself up for failure. With the knowledge of how the body works and responds to exercise, a personal trainer is essential in setting realistic fitness goals for their clients. Often times this is many small milestones for their client to achieve on their way to the end goal. Achieving these goals on the way to the finish line helps motivate an individual to continue working hard in their fitness journey.


Challenges: It is very common to get into a routine of exercises you are good at or familiar with. This often leads to boredom or plateaus. A good personal trainer will mix up the program in an effective way as well as challenge their clients to try new exercises or reach new personal records. A personal trainer can identify new techniques for their clients to break through plateaus and stay motivated.


Faster results: A personal trainer has the necessary knowledge to get their clients results much sooner. Ensuring that their clients spend their time exercising with the proper equipment is very important for quicker results. Many people have limited time during the week that they can commit to the gym. A personal trainer will help maximize that time in the gym by pushing their clients and programming a training session accordingly. When you have somebody by your side instructing you on what exercises to perform, there is no time to waste on your phone or trying to think of what to do next.


A personal trainer is an excellent tool for a successful fitness journey. Having their guidance and friendly relationship is important in maximizing results during fitness training. Personal trainers have the knowledge and skills to motivate you to reach new heights and keep you moving forward in the positive direction. So if you are in the east valley or in the Chandler/Gilbert area, don’t wait and Contact MOVE today and let’s start your journey to a more fit you![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]