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7 Key Benefits of Physical Therapy Treatments

Post Rehab Training at Move Physical Therapy

Your body isn’t indestructible. There is an endless number of ways to get hurt, and sometimes the human body needs help to recover from physical trauma. Physical therapy treatments serve a tremendous purpose during the healing process. That’s because physical therapists are skilled at manipulating and stretching the body in such a way that enables […]

Warning Signs You May Need Injury Treatment. Come See Us To Get You Back On Your Feet

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Staying in good health and fitness is always a priority for athletes. However, getting injured is almost inevitable during the process. People who play contact sports or haven’t been regularly active are more predisposed to sports injuries. Fractures, dislocations, sprains, knee injuries, swollen muscles, etc. are some of the types of injuries they get. Sometimes […]

Getting to the Point: The Benefits of Dry Needling

benefits of dry needling

What is the purpose of dry needling? Dry needling is a natural and unique form of therapy that provides many benefits. If you have an interest in natural therapy techniques, this is an exciting procedure that you can use to obtain positive results. Should you get this treatment? Read on to learn about the benefits […]

Say Hello to Hijama: Why Professional Athletes Use Cupping Therapy


If you’ve watched any sporting events lately, you’ve probably wondered what those odd, circular bruises are on the exposed skin of your favorite athletes.

Those telltale bruises are the aftermath of “hijama,” or cupping therapy.

To practice cupping, a therapist places a special cup on a patient’s skin for a few minutes to create suction.