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Top 5 Worst Sports Injuries and How Rehab Can Help You Recover

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Everyone knows that when joining a sport that injuries come with the territory. Around 2.9 million sports injuries are reported a year, That’s around one-third of all injuries. Some of you probably have heard stories about the worst sports injuries. But what injuries are the most likely and how can you avoid them? If you […]

On The MOVE with Cam Cox and News Channel 12 Sports Tonight

After the release of Shimano Bikes short documentary “Tools of Empowerment” with Eddy King, his inspiring story has reached numerous media outlets wanting to share his comeback after sustaining a catastrophic spinal cord injury.  First, it was KUSI new station Good Morning San Diego that covered the “Hometown Hero” and then last Sunday Channel 12 aired a story locally

How Professional Post-Rehab Training Can Help You Recover from a Torn ACL

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250,000 individuals tear their ACL annually. If you’re one of these unlucky people, you understand the pain and suffering associated with the injury and recovery.

What many people don’t realize is that a torn ACL requires maintenance after surgery and rehabilitation.

We’ll break down why that is, and why you should consider professional post-rehab training.

Joint Replacement: Why Rehabilitation Is So Important

If you are considering getting a joint replacement, whether it be a hip or knee, you might be focused on the surgery itself, but there is much more to be done to ensure a healthy and timely return to activity.  Your physician will recommend and even require physical therapy, which is vital for a positive recovery from your recent surgery.  Having a joint replaced is not to be taken lightly and preparation before, with a directional plan after, is important for a full return. If you have any questions, contact our certified and trained staff to find out how we can help get you MOVING!


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If he is not blazing the dirt trails of our valley Mountains, Eddy King has been sitting in the studio telling his remarkable story of how he came back from a devastating spinal cord injury.. As many of you that have been following know or to any new followers, Eddy took a nasty crash on his mountain bike while living in California and suffered a major spinal cord injury just a little over 5 years ago.