Everyone knows that when joining a sport that injuries come with the territory. Around 2.9 million sports injuries are reported a year, That’s around one-third of all injuries.

Some of you probably have heard stories about the worst sports injuries. But what injuries are the most likely and how can you avoid them? If you do get hurt, can rehab help you get back in the game sooner?

Here is a list of five of the most common sports injuries and what you can expect during your recovery.

1. ACL Tear or Strain

Your ACL or anterior cruciate ligament is the ligament that helps to stabilize your knee. Most often with a torn or strained ACL, the ligaments on both side are damaged making it one of the most serious sports injuries. In some cases, this injury will require surgery.

If you don’t rehab with a professional after this kind of injury you will most likely hurt it again. To help recover, you’ll most likely use trunk stability and hamstring exercises.

2. Groin Pull

A groin pull can also be called a groin strain, it effet the muscle on the upper inner thigh. This injury often comes from moving quickly from side-to-side. You’ll notice that with this injust it will be harder to make lateral movements.

Going to a professional can help you learn some stretches to gain back your range of motion. They can also teach you to the correct way to stretch before playing or practicing so you are less likely to injure it again.

3. Irritating Your Sciatica

This injury will send pain that travels down the back of your leg to your feet. It happens often in sports where you have a fixed posture like cyclists or ones that require swing movements like golf.

Sometimes rest will be enough, but if the pain lasts more than 2 weeks you should reach out to a physical therapist.

4. Hamstring Strain

Hamstrings are very tight muscles so they are extremely susceptible to strains. The most common reason for this kind of strain is poor stretching.

Physical therapy can help you by using ultrasounds and stretching methods to help you heal faster.

5. Tennis or Golf Elbow

Injuries like this are usually seen in sports that require a lot of gripping. Tennis elbow affects 1-3 percent of people and up to 50 percent of tennis players at some point in their career.

It’s what’s considered an overuse injury or lateral epicondylitis. When athletes suffer from tennis or golf elbow they will have a lack of grip ability.

If it is caught early the treatment could be as easy as icing the area and rest. If it isn’t caught early a physical or occupational therapist can help you to build the strength and break down the stiffness.

Identifying the Worst Sports Injuries

Anytime you join a sport there is a chance for injury. The list above explained how to identify and what you can do when one of the worst sports injuries happens.

With the help of professionals, you can limit the amount of time you spend on the sidelines. Contact us, to see how we can help you heal.

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